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By Sarina Patel (ig/twt: ptlsarina)

By Sarina Patel

There’s a common truth among songwriters: if you can’t let the listeners relate to what you’re saying, then invite them into your mind and show them what you’re thinking. Taylor Swift, who is no stranger to inviting listeners into her home, now invites them into her head to explore the tranquil meadows of her ninth studio album evermore.

But standing on her welcome mat, watching Swift reference details with relative pronouns such as “that specific table” in tolerate it, we are gently reminded of our place: listeners, spectators, guests to her fairytale…

By Sarina Patel


Off the court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg often seemed like the kind of sweet old grandmother who would find relief in a quiet and ordinary home life: standing at just over five feet tall, with wide eyes framed by even wider glasses, Ginsburg appeared so thin and papery she could be blown away. …


writer, eudaemonic, unlearner

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